Sampling / biopsy


Sampling system for FNA that allows the biopsy needle to be inserted into the tumor with oscillatory motion. It allows controlled cell sampling. Cytotest has several patents and is clinically tested.

Sample extraction

Systems for repeatedly extracting and reprocessing materials from the biopsy needles. The technology is compatible with subsequent analysis. Several patent applications is under preparation.


Ultra-sensitive molecular profiling

New analysis process to enable ultra-sensitive molecular profiling. The method has the potential to deliver an almost precise identification of all soft tissue tumor type and sub type.

Companion diagnostics

Furthermore, ultra-sensitive molecular profiling combined with FNA sampling has great market potential as a diagnostic test based on specific biomarker signatures to determine a given drug’s applicability for a specific patient, so-called companion diagnostics.

Expert system

Diagnostic database

The diagnostic database, which will be gradually built up, will be used to improve the decision-making basis for subsequent treatment and post-control. The diagnostic database provides feedback from previously performed diagnoses and completed treatments. The diagnostic database is based on an expert system (AI), has a large clinical and commercial value.