What is NeoMarker?

NeoMarker is a method for diagnosing all soft tissue cancer tumors, e.g. breast and prostate tumors.

NeoMarker three main steps

1.Item sampling of suspected tumor/tissue by Fine Needle aspiration Biopsy (FNA).
2. Analysis of the suspected tumor tissue.
3. Recommendation of specific treatment of the tumor thanks to exact and rapid diagnosis by using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Business model

Our main concept is our unique diagnostic method, which leads to a well-balanced and specific tumor treatment.
Our value chain will gradually become stronger and more valuable with new and patented products.

Current clinical disadvantages

Today’s globally most used technique for sampling of tissue in cases of a suspected cancer tumor is using Core Needle Biopsy (CNB).

Studies have shown that CNB is causing tissue inflammation and increased risk of transforming low-malignant cancer cells into aggressive and metastatic cancer cells. This group of patients has an increased risk for complications and distant metastasis compared with patients diagnosed with FNA. Death is usually caused by distant metastases and not by the primary tumor. Therefore, FNA is preferred not only for diagnosis but also when evaluation of therapy response requires repeated biopsies.

The current laboratory analytical methods of malignant breast or prostate cancer do not always provide sufficient information. Optimal treatment method can’t be inserted quickly and with high accuracy.

Benefits with our solution

Today’s analysis methods have been developed so that it is possible to get more information with FNA than previously with CNB. Thereby, several significant benefits are achieved for both the patient and the health care system and also provide an improved health economy.

NeoMarker is developed by a successful group of physicians and researchers at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.
The group has scientific and personal links to research based on the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018 related to immunotherapy and has also published several scientific articles in highly respected international journals.

NeoMarker provides the following advantages

Patient friendly

Better patient care and reduced negative consequences and side-effects for the patient.

Better diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis of tumor type – gives the right treatment for the right tumor type — provides increased survival and improved quality of life.

Better follow up

Better post treatment follow up – provides optimal conditions for best continuing care interventions and thereby increased survival.

Cost savings

Significant cost savings for health care and society.